Vehicle Advertising


“eBay Motors” is the largest category on eBay. More buyers means more money obtained in an online sale for your car, motorcycle, RV, trailer, or boat. Take advantage of a national buying audience—over 75 percent of vehicles sold on eBay are sold across state lines. Our Vehicle Advertising service provides an affordable alternative to local newspaper classifieds, dealer trade-ins, and used car mega lots.

The Vehicle Advertising Process

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Bring in your car and relevant documents: title, warranty (if applicable), and registration.
  • Fill out a questionnaire about your car and its condition.
  • Let us know how much you want for the vehicle, or ask for our recommendation.
  • We will take detailed digital photos of your vehicle to post on the eBay website.
  • We put it all together and list your vehicle on eBay. Handle buyer inquiries, price negotiations, coordination of payment and transfer of title and notary services.

Costs of Vehicle Advertising

  • You pay an upfront fee of $99 (this includes eBay fees).
  • We collect from the buyer a service fee equal to 10% of the sales price (minimum $250) ONLY if your vehicle sells.
  • The buyer pays the remaining balance (90%) to you directly.
  • If your car does not sell, we can relist it at your request for $50. Adds run for ten days

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